Vision-e's typography plays a vital role in the Vision-e brand recognition. It communicates a consistent identity while providing instant personality to any written words.  Avenir is the master brand font for any or all Gabi product or services.

Aa Aa

For primary use describing Gabi Solutions or its products, two weights may be used: Avenir and Avenir Light



Avenir is a strong, easy and simple font to utilize. We recommend using it for calls to action, subheads and as part of body copy to emphasize on the Gabi brand.

Avenir Light


Avenir Light provides your Gabi material with a clean, modern typeface which translates to a charming, simplistic brand personality.

Referring to Gabi

Brand recognition in text is vital to portray consistency on any consumer-facing material. 

"Our office equipment is now Gabi enabled!"

"Where's the gabi enabled MFP?"

"Have you worked with Gabi Voice yet?"

"Did you purchase gabi gov yet?"

"Is your GABI powered on?"

"Can GABIVOICE make copies?"

"We love our gabi | voice!"

"Our cloud based product is Voice"


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