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  • Can I use Gabi to tell the weather or find nearby businesses?
    No. Gabi is utilized as both a 508 compliant and convenient solution for your multifunction printers on a voice-to-command or mobile interface.
  • Does the speaker connect to the MFP directly?
    No. In order to properly set up your Gabi Gov device, you'll need to connect the Gabi Smartbox to the MFP and the Speaker to the Smartbox along with your provided power supply.
  • Can I expect updates for my Gabi software?
    Yes! One of Gabi's highlights are the auto-updates you'll expect as long as the device is turned on and connected to your network.
  • Are these updates going to interrupt our workday flow? Should we expect the unit to be down at any given point?
    Our Development & Engineering department manage all updates to be pushed outside of normal operating hours in order to prevent from any down-time with your users.
  • How do I wake up Gabi to issue a command?
    Simply state, "Hey Gabi!" You'll know she's listening when you either hear a beep or see lights turn on from the Speaker.
  • What can Gabi Gov do?
    We recommend reaching out to for a copy of your Command Sheet!
  • Is Gabi GDPR regulated?
  • Does Gabi Gov have a mobile solution?
    Great question! Our mobile solution for hosting the power and security of Gabi's software is built into our Gabi Worx application. For more information on how to provide your workflow with a mobile, 508 compliant solution, please contact for next steps.


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