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Secure On-Premise Voice Control Platform


COVID-19 Update: In a response to the current pandemic our world is facing, learn how Gabi Solutions and Complete Document Solutions are facing this crisis head on.  Learn More Here >>>


Ideal for Government and Enterprise Organizations, Gabi Gov is your safe, secure and accessible voice to command solution with its installed on-premise server providing a local-server based AI powered verbal recognition technology.

Similar to its predecessor Gabi Voice, with Gabi Gov, you and your users can rest assured with no eavesdropping but with a higher level of security and faster response time avoiding any local bandwidth issues that may arise.  

In regards to your workforce, employees with and without disabilities will be able to hoist the full capabilities in your office equipment, including Multifunction Printers (MFP) and IoT devices, with a simple phrase: "Hey Gabi!"

*Gabi Gov will be arriving on the market soon for a worldwide release and is not for sale at the moment.  For any questions, please email to speak with a live representative.

What's Included?

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Gabi Smartbox 2.0

Gabi Gov will come equipped with our newly introduced Smartbox 2.0 combining your speaker and power chord in a single shell making your Gabi device the most convenient case yet. 

Additionally, each Gov device comes equipped with a kill switch protecting its internal components in the event an individual attempts to tamper with its electronics within the case adding a top-tier level of security for your workplace.




Ethernet Cable

To connect your Gabi Smartbox to your network, an Ethernet cable will be provided within your Gabi Gov package.  This is the most common type of network cable used on wired network IoTs including your MFP.





Velcro Strips*

To assist in your Gabi device's placement, we've included velcro strips to assist in securing your Smartbox safely on or around your Gabi-enabled Multifunction Printer.

*This item is for your convenience only and not mandatory to equip your Multifunction Printer with Gabi Gov

Why Choose Gabi Gov?


With Gabi joining the ever growing market of Voice Recognition Solutions in our everyday lives, here are some of Gabi Gov's main advantages above the rest.  

Asset 1.png

Touchless Technology

According to several global reports, your office environment can contain almost 400x more germs than a public bathroom.  With these findings, your workforce has become now a liability which can ultimately lead to a standstill in production if your employees become ill.

The solution?  An innovative, touchless solution for your users to interact with their office equipment on a daily basis.

Parsing Audio Security

Information handled via voice commands through the on-premise Gabi Gov server are interpreted securely and accurately at all times.

Any speech-to-text from parsing audio data is generated at run-time and never stored.


General Data Protection Regulated

As of May 25, 2018, the GDPR will have a significant impact on companies with IoT devices.  Gabi Gov has successfully affiliated itself to all regulations.

Click HERE to view a summary of the regulatory interplay between GDPR and IoT.

508 Compliant

Gabi Gov complies with Federal 508 compliance terms enabling the visually impaired and those with learning disabilities to use the MFP's natural language.

Disabled workers can use an intuitive voice command to copy, email, fax, securely print, comprehend the device status; even email a service request!


Multifactor Authentication

With a gold-standard authentication, your personnel can interact with your MFP on a higher level of security as opposed to card-based user identification with your Xerox® Altalink®.

Your data is not stored or transmitted to a third party by neither Gabi Solution nor IBM Watson®

NY Financial Regulated

Gabi Gov is guided by the New York Financial Regulation using a proactive approach to cybersecurity.

Download and view the new regulations by clicking HERE.



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