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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I need to get started with Gabi Worx?

Gabi Worx Requirements: *Have a registered company account with an assigned Company Code *Gabi Worx mobile application, iOS for Apple or Android. *Supported Xerox Altalink or VersaLink device *Quality wifi internet connection *Mobile app and device connected to the same network *Connect to the app to the device when you're near the device

I've read up on a lot of scenarios where other voice recognition solutions eavesdrop on background conversations.  Does your solution behave the same from my mobile device?

You'll be pleased to know that no, Gabi does not eavesdrop with your conversations! Gabi will only begin to listen when the Voice microphone is pressed in the mobile app.

Why can't I connect to a device?

The most common reasons you could not connect to a device include: *Your mobile device is connected to a different wifi then your device *The is a weak or unstable internet connection *You are not near the device *You selected a different device then intended *You need to update your mobile app

Do I have to release updates for the Gabi Worx mobile app manually?

This all depends on your device settings. If your Gabi Worx app is set to accept and initiate auto-updates then no, you will not need to approve of the app updates.


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