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Gabi Solutions has revolutionized the way you interact with your Xerox® AltaLink® and VersaLink® Multifunction Printers (MFP) with the introduction of Gabi Worx, formerly known as Go.  This app will enhance your workforce’s mobile connectivity to your office equipment by securely and flawlessly executing MFP functionalities using Voice AND Touch.

By using a device, the user is accustomed with and frequently uses, such as their smartphone, as a mobile solution, Worx will provide an immediate onboarding experience and eliminate the user adoption curve while providing a gold standard biometric authentication enhancement from logging into the MFP to releasing Secure Prints using their Face or Touch ID.

With 77% of today’s workforce spending at least two hours a day on their smartphones, implementing Gabi Worx will increase your work efficiency and revolutionize your workforce’s MFP connectivity one word at a time.

Worx does not require any hardware to connect with your Xerox® MFP

What's Included?


Mobile App

Once your Gabi Smartbox has been successfully setup to your MFP, our users are instructed to enable their smartphone device with Gabi's software using the Gabi Worx mobile app.

The app is available for both Apple and Android smartphones on their respective App Stores.

Download  BETA Version today!


Product Highlights

Voice Capabilities

Did you know your office can contain 10-15x more bacteria than the office bathroom?* 


With Worx, your users can interact with their Xerox® AltaLink® or VersaLink® MFPs using nothing but speech from the palm of their hand eliminating any need for physical interaction with shared office equipment!


Multifactor Authentication

With a gold-standard Biometric Authentication, using Touch or Face ID on the Gabi Worx mobile app, your personnel can interact with your MFP on a higher level of security as opposed to card-based or manual entry for user identification with your Xerox® Altalink® and VersaLink®  MFPs.

Multilingual Capabilities

If English isn't your native language, Gabi Worx allows your users to select 1 of 13 languages from Spanish to French or Portuguese and Chinese.  

Your mobile connectivity just got a lot easier with Gabi Worx.

Hope Morgan

Customer Success Specialist


Secure by Design

Zero Digital Footprint. No Eavesdropping. Guaranteed.

Your security and privacy should always be top priority, which is why Gabi Solutions is proud to announce its safe, secure and accessible voice to command technology is backed by not one, but half a dozen patents issued by the USPTO focused on user-centric content and its technology flow, which can be viewed by Clicking Here >>>

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As shown in the above figure, your users will issue a whitelisted command targeted to their Xerox® MFP from their smartphone using our patented technology, which is then recycled and never stored by any Gabi device differentiating our virtual assistant against the rest.

Series Functionality & Feature Comparison

Gabi Worx supports both Xerox® AltaLink® and VersaLink® Series MFPs. Here’s a brief review of what your users can access through Worx on each model within your fleet! We’re always looking to enhance each Gabi product line and will be pushing updates for Worx based on the product roadmap.


Visit our News & Updates forum for the latest announcements from Gabi Solutions by Clicking Here >>>

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Xerox® AltaLink® Series


Xerox® VersaLink® Series

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Regulations & Compliance

In a continuation of enforcing the protection of your data and privacy, Gabi's touchless voice to command technology is backed by Domestic and International privacy regulations including:


For any questions regarding security, feel free to contact to speak with a live representative!

Introduction to Gabi Worx

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