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Enabling Gabi for ConnectKey® as Default Walkup Display

Before you continue, please ensure you've downloaded and installed the Gabi® ConnectKey app from Xerox's Partner App Gallery.


NOTE: If you do not see the application, ensure that you're logged in using your Partner App Gallery credentials to access the our ConnectKey application.

Step 1

Launch your Internet Browser while connected to the same network as your Xerox® Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Step 2

Enter the Multifunction Printer's IP Address in the Search field as replicated below


Step 3

Click the Login button and type in your Administrative credentials. 


Note: If you do not know your credentials, please seek assistance with your IT or Administrative Department.


Step 4

Once logged in, click the Properties tab.

Step 5

Next, click General Setup from the side menu.


Step 6

From the General Setup submenu, click Entry Screen Defaults.

Step 7

From the Default Walkup Screen drop down menu, choose Gabi


Step 8

Click Apply when done.  If your MFP does not automatically default to Gabi, we recommend tapping on the Reset icon from your touchscreen interface.

Any Questions?

For a more personal experience, please contact (855) 4-GABI-GO or Email

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