Getting Started

Congratulations!  You're one step closer to enabling Gabi for your office environment

Here at Gabi Solutions, want to help facilitate your Gabi install. Please schedule a time to connect with the next available Gabi Specialist when installing Gabi for your office or the customer's location. 


First and foremost, if you haven't received your Gabi Voice device(s) yet, no worries! We recommend you familiarize yourself with the required steps ahead by checking out the below Quick Start Install Guide!




If you have the Gabi device(s) in front of you, then let's continue!  To begin, Scan the QR Code on the side of your Smartbox Package and complete the Configuration Form.  


For a quick video tutorial on the configuration process highlighted above, please note the below video:


















Once you've submitted the form, the Installation Contact (should be you) will receive a confirmation email when done.  At that point, you can move forward with connecting your Smartbox to the Network and Power Supply.

Unboxing your Gabi can be pretty exciting, however, please ensure to remove both the Smartbox and its connected power cord at the same time.  Failure to do so can result in damaging your Voice unit before its powered on.

For a video tutorial on how to Unbox your Smartbox, click below:

Start Guide Cover Page.png

Once the Smartbox is online, she'll both introduce herself to you and send you an email stating the Smartbox is officially online.  When that happens, click the hyperlinked IP Address within the email as indicated below.

Next, you'll need to sync the Gabi Smartbox to the Xerox Multifunction Printer by selecting the configured MFP from the Select MFP drop down menu then entering its MFP Admin Password.  

When done, click Set MFP Settings.


Once your MFP is synced with the appropriate Gabi Voice device, you've successfully completed the necessary steps to install your newly received Gabi Smartbox.


We recommend reviewing the below documentation to help your users get started with some voice to command functionalities and brush up on some studying before the final course assessment.

For a positive Gabi onboarding with your users, we recommend placing the Command Sheet on each Gabi-enabled Xerox Multifunction Printer and providing the users with access to the below Voice User Guide.

Start Guide Cover Page.png
Asset 1.png

All brushed up on your Gabi Voice knowledge?  We know you'll do great! 


To get started, click the button below to start your assessment of our Gabi Certification Program.

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