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Product Analysis

Comparing Gabi Go with the Xerox® Workplace App

Gabi Solutions and Xerox® have partnered to present its customers with a revolutionary touchless solution called Gabi for a safe, secure and accessible office environment, but how have we translated these benefits on a mobile platform?

We're happy you asked! Xerox has created their standalone mobile solution known as the Xerox® Workplace App available to any Xerox customer supporting a number of compatible models from VersaLink® to PrimeLink®.  For any Gabi-enabled Xerox® AltaLink® devices, users can equip their workforce with Gabi Go, a mobile app allowing you to harness the power of your Multifunction Printer (MFP) through the palm of your hands using Touch and Voice.

This analysis will provide you with a clear understanding to both applications to help decide which solution is best for your workforce.

Comparison Sheet

The following illustration represents study findings conducted by Gabi Solutions, Inc. between both mobile applications.

Xerox® Workplace App

Gabi Go


Scan to Email

Release/Delete Secure Prints*

*Gabi Go utilizes your Face or Touch ID to release and/or delete Secure Prints within seconds as a touchless solution vs. physical interaction with MFP

Supports iOS and Android Operating Systems

Biometric Authentication*

Additional Languages*

Submit Help Tickets*

Upload Files to Print*

*Gabi Go utilizes your Smartphone Security Settings (i.e. Face or Touch ID)

*Gabi Go Users can access 1 of 13 additional languages including Spanish, French and Chinese

*The selected support email address can be fully customizable per Gabi Go customer

*Users can access any file or document hosted on their smartphone device to print to their Xerox MFP

Voice Commands


Scan to Salesforce


Scan to Dropbox

Customizable Solution*

*Feature Requests or mandatory functionalities can be implemented to Gabi Go upon review by Gabi Solutions Management. Each solution will be reviewed on an app-wide perspective and does not pertain to a per-customer basis.

*The following study was conducted by Gabi Solutions, Inc. with customer access to the competition and no intellectual insight of the products technological workflow or functionalities outside of consumer facing material and hands on experience.

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