Getting Started

Congratulations!  You're one step closer to enabling Gabi for your office environment


Once you've successfully received your Gabi package, you'll need to configure each Gabi device in order to inform Gabi which Multifunction Printer and Network she'll be synced to.

To complete this step, carefully remove the Smartbox with the Power Supply and scan the QR Code at the bottom of your Gabi Smartbox to get started or Click Here >>>

Once you've configured your Gabi Smartbox to the correct MFP and Network, you'll need to carefully place your Smartbox device on or around your Xerox Multifunction Printer by following the steps shown in the video below.


Now that you've configured your Gabi Smartbox(es) to its respective Xerox MFP device and turned on the device, you'll receive an email confirming your Smartbox is online.  From the received email, click the provided URL to Sync your Gabi device to the Selected MFP.

Asset 1.png

Once Gabi is up and running, feel free to access the below documents for Voice to get start utilizing your Xerox Multifunction Printers with nothing but your voice!

Gabi Voice Documentation    ​

Gabi-Voice-User-Guide-Book (1).png
Voice Command Sheet Cover Page.png

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