Competitive Advantage

Where does Gabi stand against the rest?

In 1961, IBM introduced the IBM Shoebox, the first digital speech recognition tool. It recognized 16 words and digits.  As pioneers in the world of virtual assistance, it was a simple decision on why we chose to power Gabi with IBM Watson's infrastructure.

Today, our audience is presented with plenty of options to select from Amazon's Alexa to Google Assistant, so this page is dedicated to provide our partners and resellers win more with Gabi for Xerox.

Comparison Sheet

The following illustration represents study findings conducted by Gabi Solutions, Inc. between virtual assistants currently available on the market today.

*The following study was conducted by Gabi Solutions, Inc. with customer access to the competition and no intellectual insight of the products technological workflow or functionalities outside of consumer facing material and hands on experience.

Competitive Landscape

The following illustration represents consumer cloud platforms against Gabi's ecosystem of touchless, voice-to-command solutions for any office environment.

How Secure is the Competition?

Gabi Solutions, Inc. has no affiliation to the following news articles nor promotes any insights regarding their findings. We do not stand by or against any of the items mentioned within the articles, outside of sharing public knowledge. 

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