Choosing the Right Gabi Solution for your Environment 

508 Compliance

508 Compliance allows for employees with physical or mental disabilities to utilize and access your device(s) or solution.

Secure Solution

Voice commands are interpreted securely and accurately; whether in the cloud (Voice) or on-premise (Gov).  No personal information is exchanged or stored with either solution.

GDPR Compliant

Both Voice and Gov are compliant to current EU and EEA Legislation on data protections and privacy for all users.

Cloud Based Solution

Designed for the establishment that has embraced cloud technology for their data and security.

On-Premise Solution

Designed for the on-premise use on your servers or Gabi Solutions supplied server.  For establishments requiring all transactions remain behind their firewall.

Multiple Language Capabilities

Issue commands to your IoT device through multiple your user's native language.


Highly Critical


Designed for an on-premise server and firewall

Suitable for all transactions to remain behind client firewall.

English Only

Blockchain Technology

This data structure is append-only and allows verification without having to be dependent on third-parties keeping your data secure at all times.

Mobile Capabilities

This functionality will allow Gabi users to access their Gabi enabled MFP through our standalone mobile app.

Powered by IBM Watson®

Watson is an IBM supercomputer that combines AI and sophisticated analytical software for optimal performance towards all Gabi users.

Traceable Digital Activity

Designed for the establishment that looks to have their IoT activity through Gabi enabled devices kept behind closed doors.

Remote Updates

While you sleep, Gabi is hard at work updating itself with the latest software pushed by Gabi Solutions overnight.

Inquiries (Sales/Support)

Issue commands to your Gabi device highlighting requests affiliated to Sales or Support (i.e. - Gabi, issue a support ticket)


In Development. Gabi Gov's expansion to Gabi Go is currently limited to on-premise locale only.

In Development

Local Reporting

As Gabi Gov is powered by an on-premise server, all update files are provided securely to your Admin/IT

In Development





Gabi Voice is Cloud-based.

Voice can be configured to interact with your users with up to 13 different languages.


Your Voice enabled Smartbox can be programmed for Gabi Go capabilities as well!


Gabi Voice can be enabled if digital analytics is not required for client use.

Enabled (Automatic)


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