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Touchless, Germ-Free IoT & Information Control Platform


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Our Voice-to-Command Solutions

Now Available on Xerox® AltaLink® and VersaLink® Devices

Our service offer includes communication and telecommunication services, electronic data transmission, directed at the use of copiers, printers, scanners, and other hardware over local or global communications networks; ASP services featuring database synchronization software, voice recognition software; computer software focusing on enabling hands-free use of copiers, printers and other hardware through voice recognition, technology informational and related services.
On-Premise Voice Interface
Level of Security: Advanced

Backed as our on-premise voice to command solution, Gabi Gov is your answer for a safe and secure solution for workers with and without disabilities. This product is ideal for the Enterprise and Government establishment looking to enable a touchless, germ-free environment for their workforce.

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Mobile Solution
Level of Security: Mirrored

Embodying the power of your IoT devices and office equipment, Gabi Worx allows your workforce to securely and flawlessly execute all available functionalities using Touch or Voice commands through a device they know and use frequently: their smartphone.

About Us

Global Artificial Business Intelligence (Gabi) Solutions is a leading provider in leveraging cybersecurity and technological services to all industries while introducing a secure voice IoT and Information control platform to Government and Business users offering a contactless, voice-to-command experience to your office equipment.
This methodology consists of providing our customers with touchless accessibility to Multifunction Printers and additional office equipment in a secure environment by issuing a voice-to-command and mobile solution. Gabi protects your data and your health by avoiding billions of touches from customers of keypads, keyboards, and buttons.

We embrace the challenge of making your workforce and data safe and secure through all outside threats while enhancing the users' accessibility in the everyday workplace.


We are a Secure IoT & Information Control Platform.


Two Innovation Centres

19 Gloria Lane,

Fairfield, NJ 07004

300 John Street,

Greer, SC 29651


Intellectural Property

Technology protected under four filed patents, six patents in Prosecution, two filed Trademarks™️ and ten utilized in Commerce Based Branding under Gabi

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Premier Support

Gabi Partners and Clients alike will be provided a suite of premier support channels including online training, documentation, support hotline, and even chat with a live representative.

Our Message

Gabi Solutions, Inc. introduced a secure voice IoT and information control platform to allow government and business users to talk to their devices with no eavesdropping.

"Our voice interface technology allows people to interact with their office devices through a secure audio stream; not through a keyboard or mouse," explained by Managing Principal and Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Luis Diaz, Esq. 


He further states, "With the launch of Gabi, our voice technology is an essential building block for a truly secure and efficient office system.  We offer two security levels - Secret and Top Secret, with the latter being ideal for government and highly regulated industries.  Gabi is also the perfect interface for 508(c) compliance, allowing persons with disabilities to easily control these devices."  

Gabi's patent-pending voice control platform is also accessible via remote mobile solution called Gabi Worx.  The application enables users to seamlessly speak to their Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Windows Phone devices using just their voice to control and issue complex commands to both office equipment and information platforms including the world's leading cloud-based CRM database Salesforce, and the leading engine of productivity in Evernote amongst others.

"Gabi will empower the development and deployment of a truly secure voice interface.  It provides an easy, secure way to communicate," said Diaz. 


With Gabi being a fully customizable technology and its developers creating a future-proof platform, cyber professionals and developers can leverage our technology to provide better solutions.  

"Our aim here is to bring secure voice interaction and voice control to every smart phone and tablet, giving our users control over all of their enterprise devices and information."

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